The Garnet Moon Fertility Method. 

The Garnet Moon signature method for Fertility, Women’s Health, & Intuitive Wellness. 

The Wellwoman Code is a revolutionary method that helps women achieve optimum fertility, wellness, and manifestation. Developed by Lindsay Goodwin, The Women’s Wellness Medium, a Fertility, Women’s Health specialist, and intuitive psychic medium and mentor coach with over 10 years of experience.

Our signature method The Wellwoman Code for fertility has a 90% success rate of achieving pregnancy within the first 3-months while following our highly effective and successful method.

The Garnet Moon Fertility Method is tailored to the specific needs of women who want to conceive, balance hormones, gain vibrant wellness and emotional freedom, and be the best version of themselves. The Wellwoman Code offers a comprehensive approach that combines science, natural holistic medicine, and soul energy medicine to help women achieve their desired results. This program is jammed packed with healing, empowerment, manifesting, and discovering the amazing magic that you are!

The Wellwoman Code Highlights:

  • 90% success rate for achieving pregnancy within the first 3-months while following our signature method.
  • A highly effective and successful integrative program that combines science, education, natural medicine, wisdom, empowerment, soul energy medicine, intuitive healing, as well as fertility & women’s health support coaching.
  • Increase your fertility naturally, improve more successful cycles for fertility treatments such as IVF, IUI, and FET cycles.
  • Boost your egg quality, ovarian reserve, and endometrium lining (uterine lining) to have better implantation for reducing miscarriage and developing a healthy pregnancy.
  • Balance hormones in endometriosis, PCOS, PID, PMDD, cysts, fibroids, thyroid issues, low DOR (ovarian reserve), poor endometrium lining.
  • Increase egg quality and decrease the chances of miscarriage. Tips for your partner and the swimmers – 40% of the time infertility or miscarriages are due to the swimmers, so they are super important too!
  • Enhance your baby making magic with support for fertility, menstrual cycle, and hormonal balance with diet, lifestyle, medical intuition (not to replace medical advice or treatment), emotional balance and support you need, and tips on connecting to your higher self, heart, womb, spirit baby, and partner on this incredible journey. Imagine feeling grounded, calm, and confident because your dream is manifesting for you!

The Wellwoman Code Offers: 

  • 1-hour before session prep: medical review, history, and intuitive energy preparation for the reading.
  • 1-hour 1:1 video virtual session: wellness consult, medical intuitive & energy reading. Lindsay will go over her review in evaluation of your medical history, fertility and hormone cycles (testing within 1-year), make suggestions on fertility and hormonal cycle tracking, diet, supplements and herbal medicine, and how to improve hormones, fertility, and cycle regulation, and so much more tailored to your specific needs.
  • YOU WILL ALSO RECEIVE – Lindsay’s Top Guides:
    • The Wellwoman Code Fertile Guide
    • Spirit Baby & Womb Healing Affirmation Prayer Meditation & Guide
    • Your Magic is Within eBook: By The Women’s Wellness Medium
    • Your TOP TIPS for Boosting Egg Quality
    • The Swimmers Guide to Healthy Pregnancy
  • A unique treatment plan tailored to your specific needs. After your initial VIRTUAL video consultation, Lindsay will email you a detailed treatment plan to follow. She’ll include her best fertility tips, fertility tracking, and related info to guide you on your journey.
  • Lindsay will guide you to feel emotionally balanced, supported, and grounded while on your fertility, women’s health, and soul wellness journey. Each session you will work with Lindsay to evaluate your progress, review areas you need support, and go over homework given to keep you moving forward with your goals.
    • How to connect to your inner goddess & womb wisdom.
    • Manifesting & discovering your unique MAGIC is WITHIN! 
    • Moon cycles, goddesses, crystals, universal magic, & so much more!
    • Lindsay’s best tips for fertility, women’s wellness, & intuitive development. 
    • Support from Lindsay through email in between sessions. 
    • And so MUCH MORE! 

If you’re looking for a comprehensive program to help you achieve your fertility, wellness, and energy goals, The Wellwoman Code is the perfect solution for you. Please feel free to schedule a complimentary virtual video session with Lindsay to learn more about how she can help on your journey!

PLEASE NOTE: any of the intuitive energy readings Lindsay, Garnet Moon, and Garnet Moon Denver offer are not meant to replace medical advice, care, or treatment. We are not medical doctors or psychotherapists. You may take notes or record your session with Lindsay. If you choose the virtual option, you will automatically receive a video recording of your session.

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