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A tranquil blend that will take you to a faraway land with magic & unicorns, where your stress melts away. Get ready to SPARKLE, feel energized, & be magnetic with your magical vibes! Our tranquil blend is infused with organic essential oils, blessed with reiki & rocky mountain moon-charged crystals.

Our Tranquility and Unicorns essential oil blend can be used as a facial & décolleté area anti-aging moisturizing treatment, as well as used at pulse points, behind ears, bottoms of feet, & acupressure points for wellness, & as a fragrant, uplifting scent & moisturizer on your body (meant for small areas on the body, like the face, neck, pulse points, hands, feet, etc.) get in touch with your magical sparkly vibes & free spirit!

* KEY BENEFITS: Angelic, Energizing, Magnetic, Anti-aging, Rejuvenating, Magically Badass.

* SKIN TYPES: Our Tranquility and Unicorns essential oil blend is safe for most skin types. We formulated our blend with unrefined oils that will not irritate & clog pores for even the most sensitive skin types. In rare cases, skin irritation may still occur; if so, please discontinue use.

* BLESSED & REIKI INFUSED CRYSTALS: Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone.

* PURITY: 100% pure essential high-grade oils, organic & unrefined golden jojoba & grapeseed oils (for glowing youthful skin).

* SIZE/BOTTLE: 30 ML/1 OZ. treatment pump frosted glass bottle.

* ALL NATURAL: Zero chemicals, toxic preservatives, hormone disruptors, harmful toxins, added fragrance, colors, or anything not high vibe!

* MADE IN THE USA: Magically designed in Colorado by The Women’s Wellness Medium.

* ENERGY: Blessed with sound healing, crystals, moon energy, & supercharged healing energies.

* OUR PROMISE: Ethically sourced products (USA sourced as much as possible) & high quality clean ingredients – ALWAYS … we are all about your wellness & MAGIC!

* KINDNESS APPROVED: Vegan & cruelty free.