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At Garnet Moon, we see ourselves as Ambassadors of Light for Women, Love, Magic, Intuitive Wisdom, & Wellness! Our all-natural luxury, high-end magical healing products are handmade in small batches infused with crystals & moon-charged energies, sound healing, blessings, love, & reiki, created by Lindsay Goodwin, known as The Women’s Wellness Medium, Fertility & Women’s Wellness Specialist, Psychic Medium, Spirit Baby Channel, Teacher, Guide, Mentor Coach for Mindset & Manifesting, & Licensed & Board-Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist. Everything we do at Garnet Moon is of the highest vibe to bring all our clients the healing & MAGIC you deserve!

At Garnet Moon, we offer 1:1 sessions with Lindsay for mentoring & coaching, psychic & spirit baby sessions, fertility & women’s wellness consults & support, & coming soon educational courses, including The Wellwoman Code, our signature online program for Fertility, Women’s Wellness, Intuitive Development, the integration of Science, Eastern Medicine, Western Medicine, and Soul Medicine. STAYED TUNED … COMING SOON! 

Our mission at Garnet Moon is to awaken as much magic in this Universe as possible! MAGIC begins with each individual, and everyone has unique MAGIC to offer, so now is the time to show off your uniqueness! At Garnet Moon we empower and guide you to live in alignment with your unique gifts, highest vibration, purpose, & discover your self-confidence to fall in love with your MAGICAL badass power! When you’re in that place of well-being, alignment, magnetic vibrancy, & sparkly vibes, you manifest magic & joy into your experience & this incredible Universe! At Garnet Moon, we’re about helping you find your MAGIC WITHIN!

Oh, & at Garnet Moon, we have a mascot, & his name is Harley Love! Our little love bug sends you LOVE!

The GM Team

The founder & MAGIC creator of Garnet Moon is Lindsay Goodwin, known as The Women’s Wellness Medium, Fertility & Women’s Wellness Specialist, Psychic Medium, Teacher, Guide, & Mentor Coach for Mindset & Manifesting. Lindsay has over 10 years of clinical experience in treating clients for Fertility & Women’s Health through natural medicine, acupuncture, holistic medicine, & Chinese herbal medicine. Lindsay has always had deeper insights into things. From a young age, she could see beyond what we could see at the physical level. Lindsay is now a teacher, guide, universal ambassador, & mentor in intuitive development.

Lindsay helps women move through life & spiritual transitions, empowering them on their fertility, well-being, & soul transformations. She’s also the founder of The Wellwoman Code, the Garnet Moon Signature Program for Fertility, Women’s Wellness, & Intuitive Development (COMING SOON!). Her mission is to guide you to your magical alignment, highest potential, & inner wisdom. When working with Lindsay, you will fall in love with your unique divine authentic power, learn to tune into your self-radiant love, & transform spiritually & physically to manifest your deepest desires because you deserve it!

The GM Process & Values

We strive for magic because you are magic, & we empower you to KNOW your MAGIC IS WITHIN! We create products that help you align your spirit, mind, & body by harnessing your badass light! When we create our products, we harness the best energies of the Universe, the moon, astrology, Eastern & Holistic Healing, & Soul Medicine.

EVERYTHING at Garnet Moon contains love, healing, universal magic, reiki, & sound healing. Our products are made in the USA and sustainably & ethically sourced (from USA suppliers as much as possible), & organic whenever possible. Our products use zero toxic preservatives, hormonal disruptors, or anything icky (low vibrational). We believe that to have well-being, your lifestyle needs to be as “clean” as possible, so we create clean products. Our product elements include herbal infusions from Eastern & Western philosophy, essential oils, & all-natural ingredients.

Our energy elements include high vibes charged by the moon in the Rocky Mountains, reiki, & sound healing. Lindsay, our founder, blesses & channels high vibrational light into each product we create. Our mission is to bring you the best because YOU ARE THE BEST!

Join us on a magical journey to illuminate the magic within you! Let us inspire you to discover all your unique light. Remember, you are magical, a badass babe, & an ambassador of light. We love you!

Much love, blessings, & light,

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