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Founder & MAGIC Creator – Lindsay Goodwin

At Garnet Moon, the heart of our mission beats strongly because of our visionary founder, Lindsay Goodwin, also affectionately known as The Wellness Medium. Lindsay isn’t just the pioneer of Garnet Moon; she’s a trailblazing Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health Expert, an Intuitive Medium, a compassionate Teacher, a guiding Soul Mastery Coach, & much more. Her ability to perceive beyond the physical realm has been with her from childhood, paving the way for a life dedicated to supporting women through their respective health & soul journeys.

Garnet Moon Mascot – Harley Love

Harley Love isn’t just any mascot; he’s the spirit animal of Garnet Moon, embodying love, joy, & the happiness that we value within our community. His presence brings a lighthearted touch to our dedicated work, reminding us all of the healing power of a cheerful spirit is within.

Lindsay Goodwin The Wellness Medium. Garnet Moon Love.


At Garnet Moon, science’s mystique meets your soul’s depth, a place where energy speaks, & wisdom listens, where your wellness journey translates into a fulfilled life & deep faith in your unique gifts. We are not just a brand but a beacon for those yearning to chart a course through their inner universe—a compass to wellness wrapped in the embrace of authenticity & uniqueness.

By remaining true to our values & mission, Garnet Moon supports & nurtures those who venture with us as we embrace their unique paths to holistic health & inner mastery. We are committed to providing resources & guidance that empower individuals to unlock their full potential, tap into their inner wisdom, & create a life of balance, purpose, & fulfillment.

We create all-natural products without hormonal disruptors or unwanted skin irritants in our oils & sprays. We are also only source from those who maintain high values in their products, so anything you receive from us in our luxury apothecary has come from the best quality ingredients. Our products are Reiki & crystal infused, & blessed with sound healing before they reach you. We deeply care about your well-being & energy.


We are committed to offering a transformative experience by guiding you with the noble mission of awakening your authentic purpose & wellness to have fulfillment, happiness, & confidence, & manifest the life you desire, to be seen for who you truly are!

We Believe In:

  • Harmonious Integration: Bridging the gap between scientific understanding & spiritual energies.
  • Empowerment & Transformation: Equipping individuals with the tools & knowledge to harness their life purpose & wellness.  
  • Wellness & Holistic Health: Cultivating a holistic approach to physical, emotional, & spiritual empowerment & discovery.
  • Discovery & Awakening: Encouraging the exploration of oneself to uncover a deeper purpose & vibrancy in life, wellness, & faith in your divine purpose.
  • Freedom & Fulfillment: Promoting a lifestyle that embraces free expression & energy alignment with empowerment to be free, knowing no one else has the magic you do to share in this world.
  • Healing & Mindset Power: Learning tools to move on from past traumas & reframe your life to discover purpose in your path, let go of what is no longer serving you, & find how to let your soul guide you to have a fulfilled life. 
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