My name is Lindsay. & the founder and MAGIC CREATOR at Garnet Moon, known as The Wellness Medium, Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health Expert, Intuitive Medium, Spirit Baby Medium, Medical Intuitive, Teacher, Spiritual Advisor, & Soul Mastery Coach. 

My journey into the metaphysical began at a young age when I discovered I had an innate sense of knowing. I would see orbs of energy, see visions, and feel people’s minds and bodies beyond what seemed naturally possible for a child.

This uncommon sensitivity was not fully understood until later in life; after a transcendent near-death experience, I was embraced by angels and wrapped in the warmth of gold light from the divine creator. Through this profound encounter, my life’s purpose crystallized into a deep faith in my gifts, purpose, & unconditional love for the divine creator. I emerged with a renewed commitment to harness my unique abilities to serve others.

Now, I bring solace and clarity to clients worldwide, navigating through the obscurities and challenges life presents. Whether through readings or intuitive guidance, my mission is to illuminate the unseen and offer perspectives that provide inspiration, guidance, and healing.

My clientele is as diverse as the services I offer for those seeking professional growth to individuals craving life and relationship advice, from grieving families needing closure, parents aiding their gifted children in understanding their unique talents, and those looking to have faith and trust in their divine life path—my work knows no bounds. 

My mission is to guide YOU to your magical alignment, highest potential, & inner wisdom. Working with me, you will fall in love with your uniqueness & authenticity, learn to tune into your self-radiant love & power, & transform spiritually & physically, and manifest your deepest desires because it is your right to be filled with abundant life!

What do I want most for you? To shine your MAGIC, be you, live in your authenticity, be comfortable in your power, and manifest what you want in this lifetime.

How do I help you do this? I guide and empower you to see that everything you need is within you, and I teach you to learn to let go of the struggle to trust in the divine energies you were born with. To be the infinite creator that you are! 

It’s so inspiring to be YOU! Why? There is no one else like you and your magnificent heart because everyone else is already taken, and you were born with unique gifts that are an essential puzzle piece to the immense divine masterpiece of creation in the collective consciousness. 

My philosophy is when you remember who you are & what you came here for, you have access to your true magic of healing & vibrancy. We all can heal ourselves, & my goal is to help you discover this powerful gift you have within yourself. 

I resonate with people across all religions and faiths, understanding that we all search for meaning and connection at our core. With each session, I aim to look deeply within my clients’ energy fields, revealing truths that ignite self-awareness and foster spiritual development.

I have two Colorado offices in South Denver and at Rocky Mountain Fertility Center in Parker, where I see clients for Reproductive Medicine, Fertility Support, Women’s Health, Energy Healing, & Soul Mastery Coaching. I founded my highly successful program, The Fertile Energy Code, which integrates evidence-based Reproductive Medicine, Holistic Medicine, a Fertile Mindset, and Spiritual Fertility. I have been an expert in reproductive medicine and women’s health in private practice for over a decade. 



Join me in uncovering your innermost energies and carving a path to peace and understanding. Your journey to self-discovery is sacred, and I am here to provide the illumination you seek on your voyage inward.

I’m also very active on social media, creating valuable content for you, and you can even join my YouTube channel: The Universe Aligns TV!

I can’t wait to meet you!

Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., MSOM, BS, Dipl. OM, FABORM, CLC


  • The Wellness Medium & Founder of Garnet Moon
  • Certified Soul-Mastery & Manifesting Coach
  • Certified Fertility Coach
  • Reproductive Medicine & Women’s Health Expert
  • FELLOW ABORM: Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine
  • Licensed & Board-Certified Acupuncturist & Herbalist
  • Master of Science & Bachelor of Nutrition
  • Certified Meditation Instructor
  • Certified NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques, Hypnosis Practitioner
  • Intuitive Medium, Spiritual Advisor, & Medical Intuitive
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