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Hello lovely, I am so excited you’re here! 

My name is Lindsay; & the founder and MAGIC CREATOR at Garnet Moonknown as The Women’s Wellness Medium, Fertility & Women’s Wellness Specialist, Psychic Medium, Spirit Baby Channel, Teacher, Guide, & Mentor Coach for Mindset & Manifesting. 

My mission is to guide YOU to your magical alignment, highest potential, & inner wisdom. Working with me, you will fall in love with your uniqueness & authenticity, learn to tune into your self-radiant love & power, & transform spiritually & physically, manifest your deepest desires because you deserve it!

What do I want most for you? To shine your MAGIC, be you, live in your authenticity, be comfortable in your power, and manifest what you want in this lifetime.

How do I help you do this? I guide and empower you to see that everything you need is within you.

You know, working so many years with fertility & women’s wellness clients, do you know the biggest takeaway I had from this time in my career? The big secret is my clients manifested babies and better physical and emotional well-being into their experience because they started to see how powerful they are. How the power is within, and once this is fully embraced without resistance, this is when the magic starts happening.

I have seen incredible fertility and wellness journeys; clients manifest better relationships with themselves, family, partners, business, etc. In addition, finding what makes their soul sing, clearing out old trauma, manifesting new homes, jobs, dream companies, promotions, secure finances, peace, love, magic, and the list goes on and on.

Once I got a BIG taste of all the success I was a part of, I realized (huge lightbulb moment!) that manifesting and healing happen when you KNOW your true power … when you KNOW you deserve the best … when you KNOW it’s meant for you … when you KNOW you came here for incredible big badass sparkly shit! Even my writing this gets the blood pumping (ah, that amazing masterpiece heart … it’s always so in tune with the infinite possibilities).

It’s so inspiring to be YOU! Why? Because there is no one else like you and your magnificent heart because everyone else is already taken.

So, my beautiful lady, it’s time to manifest all of the gorgeous MAGIC you have always been!

So … diving in deeper some tools I use when partnering with you include:

  • Subconscious Reprogramming & Reframing
  • Medical Intuition
  • Mindset & Perspective Shifts
  • Mentoring on the Power of Intention – this is the key! 
  • Spirit & Spirit Baby Communication & Channeling
  • Healing emotional trauma & guiding you to learn how to release what is no longer serving you.
  • Teaching you how to be comfortable living in your power 
  • I will guide you on how to break down barriers holding you back from what you truly want to do/complete in your life. Life is the opportunity! 
  • The integration of mediations practices, energy healing, & empowering you to take responsibility for your experience. 
  • The POWER of Womb Healing & how to receive for Infinite Possibilities; including Fertility & Women’s Wellness. 
  • I show you how to read the universe, trust yourself & YOUR MAGIC!
  • The Integration of Natural Medicine, Science, & Soul Medicine.
  • I will guide you to your unique gifts, purpose, & badass power!


My philosophy is when you remember who you are & what you came here for, you have access to your true magic of healing & vibrancy. We all can heal ourselves, & my goal is to help you discover this powerful gift you have within yourself. 

Working with me offers you the best of what you’d get from years of traditional emotional therapy! My healing style combines the best of Science, Holistic, Energy, & Soul Medicine! To truly heal & move past where you may be stuck energetically, physically, & emotionally you must be supported at deep levels. I support your MIND, BODY, ENERGY, & SOUL so that major transformation shifts happen. Once your perspective changes, new doors begin to open, & your energy environment changes with more of what you desire to manifest. 

Guiding my clients to their infinite power & wellness feeds my soul. It’s my purpose on this journey. I am on a mission to guide you to discover what makes your soul sing. When you align with your joy, you can manifest anything into your experience! 


My Story … 

At a very young age, I knew how magical this universe is & what an opportunity it is to be here having this human experience … I knew I was different & struggled for many years to fit in & hide my gifts from the world. 

I knew there was so much more! 

I worked in a corporate job for many years & felt like my soul was caged! I knew it wasn’t the place for me. I felt like I wasn’t following my heart & what I came here for. My dream of guiding others to their wellness & aligning with their purpose kept calling me. So, I leaped forward to leave corporate America & enrolled in school to become a doctor of Natural Medicine & Chinese Medicine.

I graduated, became licensed, and started my practice. I felt like everything was great! But the universe knew better, lol (I only laugh because everything is happening for our evolving, and nothing is ever wrong).

I call this my halfway point in my evolution of this lifetime. I needed to learn Eastern Medicine and Science to understand the deeper part of where I was now headed. My life started to fall apart in 2014, as I knew something big was missing. I could feel it brewing inside of me. My marriage began to not make sense to me anymore, I felt like I needed to continue finding myself, and this is when my spiritual awakening started. I often remind my clients of the symbolic message of the burning Phoenix, when energies burn to the ground so a new life can be rebuild from the ashes; well, this was me in 2014; I knew my life was going to be majorly transformed but didn’t exactly know what that would look like.

So, long story short, I moved on and started a new life; then, in 2017, I was robbed at gunpoint in Chicago. I can tell you this was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever had, but at the same time, one of the most beautiful experiences I have ever had. Wait, what?! Yes, it’s true, and the reason is that this was when the spiritual door flung back open for me. While I had a gun on my back and was being robbed, I wasn’t sure if I’d make it out alive; I weirdly felt a warming sense of peace washing over me.

Then the entire room filled with angelic gold energies. I could feel the presence of angels, my grandparents, and my dear friend Bill. 

It was something I had never felt before. Still, later on, I realized I was waking from “human amnesia” to know I felt this as a little girl—these incredible magical infinite peaceful energies. I remembered seeing and feeling angels, guides, and nurturing energies. Knowing answers to things, I had no idea how I knew them—trying to write letters with large huge “adult-type vocabularies” that a three-year-old would have no idea how to pronounce or use. It all started to make sense to me, and this experience of my life being reborn is what awakened me to my incredible heart.

I often speak of the universe being your best friend, and what I mean by this is that it will never give up on you and what you set out to accomplish in this lifetime. The universe loves you so much that it will remain relentless in guiding you until you return to your infinite unique MAGIC. Well, this time in my life was my wake-up call to return to my endless unique MAGIC!

Ever since then, I have wasted no time in being light to guiding other souls who need me and my ability to communicate with Spirit and the Universe. I never for one moment would change any part of my journey. We are always exactly where we need to be at that moment for our evolution. Life is always the opportunity!

Abundance happens when you shift your energy—and sometimes the abundance you receive doesn’t always make sense, but the GOLD is found in THE TRANSFORMATION!

Today, I’m entirely focused on my teaching & writing, mentoring my clients with fertility, women’s wellness, intuitive development, spiritual awakening, manifesting through mindset, healing trauma, & living in alignment with their uniqueness, so they’re living their BEST LIVES! AND creating magic; & love at Garnet Moon

Let me help you live through your heart … be in greater alignment with your higher self … & the magnetic woman you have always been! Join me on the journey to discovering & living your BEST life …your BEST YOU. I can’t wait to meet you! 

Much love, blessings, & light,

Credentials & Training 

  • Founder & Magic Creator at Garnet Moon
  • Board-Certified & Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Medicine Herbalist
  • 10 Years of Experience in Integrative Natural Medicine for Fertility, Women’s Wellness, & Hormones.; including ART Therapies: IVF, IUI, natural conception, & pregnancy.
  • Fertility & Women’s Wellness Specialist in the Integration of Natural Medicine with Science
  • Psychic Medium, Spirit Baby Channel, Spiritual Channel & Intuitive Guide
  • Psychic Reiki Healer; including Womb Healing
  • NLP & Subconscious Mentor & Coach
  • Fertility & Women’s Wellness Mentor & Coach
  • Mindset & Manifestation Mentor & Coach
  • Magic Philosopher of the Esoterics & Universal Manifestation
  • Dream Interpretations & Support for Deeper Insights
  • Psychic Tarot Visionary 
  • Astrology & Numerology
  • Meditation Coach & Mentor
  • Medical Intuitive
  • High Priestess for The Divine Feminine 
  • Badass Universal Ambassador of Light 
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