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Our fertility egg is ethically sourced, blessed, & charged in the Rocky Mountain moonlight to bring your fertile goddess vibes! The crystal Carnelian is known to be “the reproductive powerhouse!” Our I AM A FERTILE GODDESS EGG is in the shape of an egg because symbolically, the “egg” shape brings magical energy to the ovaries for planting baby seeds! Our egg brings blood circulation to the ovaries & uterus.

* KEY BENEFITS: Fertile, Invigorating, Sexy, Grounding, Blood & Circulation Enhancing.

* BLESSED & REIKI INFUSED CRYSTALS: 100% natural genuine blessed Carnelian Egg.

* INCLUDES: I AM A FERTILE GODDESS EGG + instruction card on how to use + custom GM velvet bag to store your Goddess Egg in + surprise magical goodies!

* ALL NATURAL & AUTHENTIC: Everything is high vibe, uniquely selected, & created for you!

* MADE IN THE USA: Magically designed in Colorado by The Women’s Wellness Medium.

* ENERGY: Blessed with sound healing, crystals, moon energy, & supercharged healing energies.

* OUR PROMISE: Ethically sourced & high quality products – ALWAYS … we are all about your wellness & MAGIC!

* KINDNESS APPROVED: Cruelty free.

**Please Note: our Fertile Goddess Egg is not a Yoni egg and should only be used externally.