Why Blood Supply & Healthy Oxygen Levels Matter For Fertility Success! What’s Fertility Acupuncture? 

New studies show that eggs from follicles with optimal blood supply and oxygen levels have higher fertilization rates in both natural conception and IVF, leading to higher pregnancy success rates. Let’s break down why this is important for Fertility. And later, we will discuss the fantastic benefits of Healthy Blood Flow For Fertility Success! | Fertility Acupuncture!

The Role of Blood Flow & Oxygenation in Fertility.

Blood flow and oxygen are essential for healthy ovaries and egg production. The better the blood flow to the ovaries, the higher egg quality, and the higher embryo quality, which contributes to more successful pregnancies. Studies have shown that eggs from follicles with optimal blood supply and oxygen levels have higher fertilization rates in both natural conception and IVF cycles. This indicates that blood flow may be essential in successful Fertility outcomes.

It is also possible that some women may not be producing enough viable eggs due to poor quality of the ovarian environment, which can lead to decreased fertilization rates or diminished egg quality (DOR). Various factors, including aging, genetics, lifestyle choices, or hormonal imbalances, can cause poor ovarian health. A decrease in ovarian health can lead to difficulty conceiving naturally and lower success rates with assisted reproductive technology (ART) such as IVF.

Once the egg is fertilized from an environment with optimal blood supply & oxygen, then the embryo has a better chance of developing into a viable pregnancy.


How Can We Increase Egg Quality?

Aging is a significant factor in egg quality, so it is essential to take steps early on to ensure your Fertility remains intact over time. Women can boost their egg count with supplements such as CoQ10, melatonin, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin D3. 

But, it is crucial to note you should discuss any supplements or additions to your healthcare routine with your medical doctor first, especially if you are being treated for a medical condition, on meditations, or undergoing a medicated Fertility cycle. 

Additionally, lifestyle modifications such as regular exercise and eating a balanced diet full of fruits and vegetables can go a long way toward maintaining good overall health—including your reproductive health! Stress management techniques such as yoga or meditation can also help reduce stress levels known to affect Fertility outcomes.

Fertility Acupuncture has been shown to increase blood supply significantly in the ovaries and endometrium (lining of the uterus). In fact, Fertility Acupuncture can increase your chances of achieving a healthy pregnancy by up to 60%! More on Fertility Acupuncture in a second… 

It’s clear that optimal blood flow & oxygenation plays an essential role in Fertility; fortunately, there are many ways women can increase their chances of conceiving naturally or through ART treatments like IVF by taking measures now to boost their overall health – including their reproductive health! Taking proactive steps now could make all the difference when it comes time for you or someone you love to start trying for a family; understanding how blood flow & oxygenation affects Fertility will give you greater control over your reproductive destiny!


What is Fertility Acupuncture and TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine)? 

Acupuncture and TCM have been used for thousands of years to increase longevity and wellness. But recently, about 15 years ago, Acupuncture took on a whole new face when introduced into the world of modern science and medicine for Fertility, Women’s Health, and Pregnancy. This is where Fertility Acupuncture was born into modern science medicine when fertility clinics and medical doctors started recognizing and integrating this ancient and highly effective healing modality into the success rates of their fertility treatments. 

Acupuncture is an ancient Chinese medical practice with over 2,000 years of history. It is designed to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal itself by providing access to the life force known as Qi – pronounced ‘chee’ – that circulates through pathways called meridians in the body. Ultra-fine, sterile, highest-quality needles along these pathways on the body send signals to the body to influence blood flow and release blocking biochemicals such as endorphins. With increased blood flow and better circulation, the body is functioning at a higher state of wellness and producing better egg quality and fertility success. 

Fertility Acupuncture can significantly enhance a fertility journey with higher success rates! One massive benefit of using Fertility Acupuncture while TTC (trying to conceive) or undergoing ART (IVF, IUI, FET, or medicated fertility treatments) is improved blood flow and circulation, which generates better results for healthier follicles, eggs, embryos, and healthier pregnancy rates. In addition, Fertility Acupuncture also gives the body access to all its natural healing mechanisms, such as diminishing inflammation and pain, balancing hormones, activating the body’s biological responses, recovering faster from IVF and fertility drug cycles, balancing emotions, and strengthening the immune system. Healthy Blood Flow For Fertility Success! | Fertility Acupuncture.


Egg Quality In The TCM Clinic. 

Egg quality in the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) clinic falls under three categories of the kidney energy, which in TCM is the genetics, life force, & root of Fertility.

Kidney Jing Deficiency:

In this category, women have DOR (diminished ovarian reserve – low AMH), poor response to IVF stimulation for egg collection, low estrogen, irregular cycle, thin endometrium, no distinct change to BBT chart of LH surge or change to luteal phase, poor egg quality, & few embryos.

Kidney Yin Deficiency:

Most commonly seen infertility in the USA is due to stress, diet, lifestyle, & more women starting families in their 30’s & 40’s. In this category, women have higher FSH & lower AMH (egg quality), lower estrogen, a shorter follicular phase, thin endometrium, poor egg quality & embryos.

Kidney Yang Deficiency:

Shorter menstrual cycle with luteal phase defect, low progesterone levels in mid-cycle, slow embryo growth in IVF, more common for biochemical pregnancies (low HCG), & higher miscarriage due to the body not being able to hold the Pregnancy from poor progesterone levels.



What To Do Next And How To Find A Qualified Fertility Acupuncturist?

There are so many options for your Fertility, & regulating your cycle & hormones. The key to finding a qualified Fertility & Women’s Health expert is to search for someone who specializes and has demonstrated their skill in Fertility Acupuncture and Women’s Health. The provider you choose should also be a licensed Acupuncturist who fully understands how to support women on their Fertility journey and also in Pregnancy. Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., MSOM, BS at Garnet Moon Dever, has been treating women for Fertility, Women’s Health, and Pregnancy for over 13 years. She is highly trained in Fertility & Women’s Health Integrative Medicine and Acupuncture. Lindsay has thousands of hours in training, education, certifications, and in clinical practice. If you’d like to become a patient at Garnet Moon Denver, you can BOOK NOW to schedule with an expert!

Garnet Moon is a leader in Denver’s Fertility Acupuncture & Women’s Health community. We are rated #1 for guiding women to their dream of having a baby & balanced wellness! We are proud of our signature method, The Wellwoman Code for Fertility & Women’s Health of the last 13 years producing 90% success rates in the first three months for Fertility success! Healthy Blood Flow For Fertility Success! | Fertility Acupuncture.

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Written by The GM Founder:

Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., FABORM, MSOM, BS 

Know as The Women's Wellness Medium, Lindsay Goodwin, is the Founder & Clinical Director of Garnet Moon and a Fertility, Women's Health, Pregnancy, & Hormones Expert. She also is a Fellow of FABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine. Lindsay has been guiding women to their fertility, healthy hormones, wellness, spiritual health, clearing emotional trauma, and abundant mindset. She also is an Intuitive Medium, Certified Master Coach and NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, and Certified Meditation Instructor.