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Our I AM MAGICAL & POWERFUL CLEANSING & MANIFESTING KIT will clear stagnant unwanted energy & boost your magical manifesting goddess powers! Stagnant unwanted energies in your space or energy aura fields cause your life to feel weighed down. Not all energies are abundant magical ones, so now is the time to boost your warrior light vibes to be free from unwanted energy “guests.” Use our deluxe I AM MAGICAL & POWERFUL CLEANSING KIT to get the magical vibes back into your space!

KEY BENEFITS: Manifest, Protect, Cleanse, Positive Energy Flow.


* Rainbow & Rose Petal Smudging Sticks: Cleanses out unwanted energies in your space, so you can manifest the vibes you want. Rose is sacred, high vibe, & connects to unconditional love; also an excellent option for love ceremonies. Rainbow rose connects to all 7-main chakras (energy centers) to balance & protect your sacred magic energy.

* Garnet Moon Selenite Wand & Palo Santo Bundle: Our signature manifesting the “good vibes” bundle. Selenite is very cleansing for your overall environment but also the best buddy for cleansing your healing crystals. Palo Santo is known as the “holy wood”, and not only protects but also has magnetic energy to attract more of what you want into your life. A perfect addition to bring more prosperity & abundance your way!

* Crystal quartz point: This little mighty crystal point protects your space & energy vibes from lower stagnant energies. Often an excellent crystal to incorporate when in large groups of people, if you’re healing other people, & need extra protection if you know you may encounter lower vibe energies. Crystal Quartz is a “master healer” stone. Cleanse this stone often because it absorbs lower energies quickly to protect you.

* Black tourmaline stone: The stone known for protection, cleansing, & shielding harmful EMFs energies from your environment. A stone recommended to place on your nightstand if you are experiencing a lot of nightmares or are clearing trauma. Black Tourmaline is strongly rooted in grounding energies to the earth & clearing out what is no longer serving you. But because of this, it must be cleansed often because it holds stagnant energies, & after a while, it loses its luster for protection if not cleansed often. DON’T GET YOUR BLACK TOURMALINE WET; IT’S TOO POROUS.

* Amethyst druzy cluster: The stone for clarity, connection to source through the crown, & a powerful stone to help manifest wellness, prosperity, & feeling centered in your roots. The Amethyst Druzy stone is incredible to look at due to it’s “clustered” appearance of how it naturally grows in nature. It not only is therapeutic, but it brings a beautiful vibe to your chic decor! 

* 3-4” abalone shell: Used during cleansing ceremonies to hold your smudging stick, so ashes don’t get on the floor or your space. The abalone shell has been used for centuries by sacred Shamans during cleansing & healing ceremonies.

* Garnet Moon Velvet Crystal Bag: Your crystals need a place to rejuvenate when not using them; you can also use our GM crystal bag to transport your crystals out of your home or office. For storage, we recommend you include your selenite wand (included with our Manifesting Kit) inside the bag with the crystals to cleanse them. The GM custom bag will keep your crystals safe until the next time you need them.

* Instruction card – with instructions & fun universal goddess wisdom: We offer you not only instructions on how to manifest your “heart out”, but also fun universal info to level up your magical awareness. Knowledge really is power, babe! 

* Magical stickers & a sparkly surprise!: Included inspirational stickers … & we LOVE surprises, so we include a special surprise gift with every purchase, because you DESERVE IT!