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Introducing the ONLY GOOD VIBES PLEASE mini smudging kit: the perfect present for yourself or your favorite warrior of light! Our mini kit is designed to keep your home or workspace grounded and protected so you can manifest more of the love and happiness you deserve. In the kit, you’ll find everything you need to keep your energy and aura clear and uplifted. With this magnificent kit, unwanted stagnant energy will be cleared away and replaced with beautiful, magical vibrations that will help keep your sacred space cleansed and protected. Manifest, Love, and be Happy, and make sure that only GOOD VIBES are allowed in your space and aura!

KEY BENEFITS: Manifest, Protect, Cleanse, Positive Energy Flow.


* Rainbow & Rose Petal Smudging Sticks:With this RAINBOW ROSE PETAL SMUDGE WAND, our smudge stick is hand-wrapped and pure, perfect for chakra balancing and energy clearing. You can boost your creativity, clarity, and grounding with a rainbow sage smudge wand. Rose petals are considered one of the highest vibrational flowers out there! Whatever your heart desires, this smudge wand will have you covered!

* Palo Santo Stick:This magical little piece of holy wood will bring abundant blessings and positivity into your life. Its lovely aroma will whisk you away to stars and galaxies beyond your wildest dreams. Our Palo Santo Stick is the perfect way to boost your mood, create a calm atmosphere, or send away unwanted energy. So grab a Palo Santo Stick and power up your energy!

* Crystal quartz point:This sacred master healing stone helps you connect to higher frequencies, allowing you to take your meditation practice to a new level! Plus, with its protective and cleansing properties, you’ll always feel surrounded by positive energy. To top it all off, its simple, elegant design makes it the perfect addition to any home, office, or sacred space. So don’t wait; grab yourself a Quartz Crystal Point and take your spirit to the next level!

* Black tourmaline stone: Have you been feeling of lately? Always exhausted and unable to focus? Get your energy levels replenished and stop negative vibes in their tracks with our signature BLACK TOURMALINE STONE! This protective stone is essential to any energy cleansing ritual, providing a shield from any EMF energies from your devices. Keep it by your side at night for the ultimate protection, and allow it to bolster your energy when you need it most! DON’T GET YOUR BLACK TOURMALINE WET; IT’S TOO POROUS.

* Manifesting Affirmations Sticker: Happy manifesting, beautiful! Get ready to turn up the good vibes with this Manifesting Affirmation Sticker. Slip it into your pocket or wallet, stick it on your phone case, or maybe even your vision board! It’s the perfect reminder for those days when feelings of doubt or fear arise. No matter what your manifesting goals are, this sticker provides a sweet little daily reminder that you can use to stay focused and inspired!