Have you ever stopped for just a moment and observed how complex your BEAUTIFUL GODDESS body is? The female body is an incredible machine but can be tricky to balance sometimes due to one big H-word, and that is, you guessed it … HORMONES! Learn how to Balance Estrogen Dominance Naturally. 

As a fertility and women’s wellness specialist in Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, and Natural Medicine for over ten years (and as a woman myself), I have treated a lot of hormonal imbalances. One clear connection between fertility and other lady imbalances is estrogen dominance.



So, what is estrogen, and why do we have it. Estrogen does a lot in our bodies; to name a few, it grows hair, builds muscle, and is essential for the brain and bones, but for time’s sake, we will dive into what it does for the lady’s “reproductive powerhouse.” Estrogen is the hormone that partners with the FSH (follicular stimulating hormone) to build follicles for the preparation of ovulation and then the release of the egg (LH – luteinizing hormone is the hormone that releases the egg), and levels generally peak at days 12-13 of a 28-day cycle. This hormone also plays an essential role in developing the endometrium (lining of the uterus and the cervical mucus for conception).

In Chinese Medicine, the estrogen is Yin because it’s moistening and fluid producing. Estrogen will begin to fall if the egg isn’t fertilized, which starts the breaking down of the endometrium, and the beginning of the cycle starts over once again, which is menstruation.

You can learn more about a medical explanation on estrogen dominance in this article. 

Now that we have gone over the estrogen functions, let’s look at some of the signs and symptoms of estrogen dominance. Later, in another post, I dive deeper into how to Balance Estrogen Dominance Naturally.



  • Frequent headaches or migraines 
  • Trouble conceiving 
  • Weight gain and bloating 
  • PMS and painful clotty heavy periods 
  • Lack of sex drive 
  • Fatigue and brain fog 
  • Anxiety, depression, and mood swings 
  • Endometriosis, fibroids, and cystic breasts 
  • Low functioning thyroid (hypothyroidism) 
  • Insulin and blood sugar imbalances 
  • In Chinese medicine, estrogen dominance is viewed as a “cold womb,” which is a massive culprit for having trouble conceiving and maintaining a healthy pregnancy. 


Signs of Estrogen dominance graph



Our environment and a stressful lifestyle easily disrupt estrogen, and so do “xenoestrogens,” which are known as the “fake” estrogens; we will go into this in more detail below. One crucial point about stress is the fight or flight response, which translates to “survival mode.” This is what I call “tunnel vision,” or lack of awareness, living in an entirely materialistic world rather than opening to the infinite possibilities of how vibrant life is (if you can dream it, then it’s yours)! Remember that 99% of what “is” is energy-based and not physical (material). The continued living in “survival mode” of fight or flight response causes stress on the adrenals, part of the endocrine system, and finally tied to hormones such as estrogen.

When we go on “auto-piolet” for an extended period, imbalances and degenerative problems manifest like estrogen dominance and hormonal issues.

I will give you tips on making mindset shifts and lifestyle changes for natural remedies to get your estrogen back in alignment and Balance Estrogen Dominance Naturally!



The “fake” estrogens are estrogen-like toxins called ‘xenoestrogens,’ which “XENO” translates to foreign or alien to your body. Still, your body continues to make its estrogen. And now has “fake” estrogen circulating, so this is how estrogen dominance manifests and from an overabundance of stress and the “fight or flight” response of the adrenals (survival mode). Hormonal birth control and other hormonal replacement therapies (HRT) can be a culprit in “fake” estrogen due to the synthetic estrogen used to control the menstrual cycle and other medical conditions. Many years of continued contraceptives like the “pill” can cause the estrogen to become too out of balance with “fake” estrogens running rampant.


Additional sources of “fake” estrogen (xenoestrogens) include: 

  • Personal beauty products, cosmetics, air fresheners, synthetic perfumes: (containing phthalates, parabens, and all kinds of artificial junk). 
  • BPA (Bisphenol-A): is found in plastics such as water bottles, food containers, and the lining of cans. 
  • Pesticides & hormones: found in animal products from non-organic free-range sources. Growth hormones used in animals for consumption can cause many hormonal issues in general, including fertility, PCOS, and thyroid issues. 
  • Fruits & veggies from non-organic sources: pesticides found in food sources are alarming and detrimental to overall wellness. 
  • PCBs: are found in fish and seafood due to overfishing, farm-raised, and pollution.



You have options, and there are numerous tools you can use to regain control of your estrogen and hormones naturally. In another post I go into this deeper, but I have listed a few natural tools for estrogen dominance below.


  • Eat more organic dark green veggies – high fiber content cleans, and optimizes the gut flora, which the gut excretes excess estrogens.


  • Drink filtered room temp or warm water – lol, I’m sure you want to know why I mention room temp or warm water, and the answer is because cold liquids damage the digestion (Chinese Medicine theory), and we need healthy digestion for balancing hormones, including estrogen. The filtered water is important (and not plastic water bottles) because water is full of toxins and chemicals that disrupt hormones.


  • Use essential oils – Clary Sage, Geranium, and Frankincense are some of my favorites. Clary Sage is actually very powerful in balancing estrogen dominance. 


  • Manage stress, develop a regular meditation practice, and choose an empowering lifestyle and mindset – I go into this further in my next post. Still, stress and lifestyle play a massive part in how we feel and how our bodies function. Meditation is incredibly healing for managing stress and anxiety and manifesting what you wish to have in your life. Through studies, science has proven that people who meditate live longer, have less memory loss as they age, and are overall happier. And lastly, you have a choice of the lifestyle you choose. I often ask my clients, “is this empowering for you, or is it disempowering?” If something is not feeding your soul, then it probably isn’t healthy for your energy or well-being. Life is all about choices, and we have so many, which truly is a gift!


  • Incorporate healing crystals into your life and mediation practices – healing crystals are gorgeous but extremely healing. Everything in your experience is about the power of your intention! Healing crystals hold energy, so when you use them, infuse your powerful magical intentions into them because this energy is amplified in the healing abilities of crystals. Cleanse your crystals at least once a month because they hold onto negative energies, especially the darker stones, like black obsidian and tourmaline. Crystals like selenite don’t need cleansing as often. In my next article, I get more into the specifics of crystals for hormonal balance, fertility, and well-being.




LEARN MORE ABOUT HOW TO REGAIN THE BALANCE OF YOUR ESTROGEN NATURALLY in my next post. I am here to assist you not only in your physical wellness, but also empower you to find your MAGIC! With a few simple changes to your daily lifestyle, you can feel better. You’re incredible, and I know you have all you need within you. Trust me; I KNOW you do! 

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With so much love, blessing, and light,

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Written by The GM Founder:

Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., FABORM, MSOM, BS 

Know as The Women's Wellness Medium, Lindsay Goodwin, is the Founder & Clinical Director of Garnet Moon and a Fertility, Women's Health, Pregnancy, & Hormones Expert. She also is a Fellow of FABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine. Lindsay has been guiding women to their fertility, healthy hormones, wellness, spiritual health, clearing emotional trauma, and abundant mindset. She also is an Intuitive Medium, Certified Master Coach and NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, and Certified Meditation Instructor.