In my last post, I discussed Spirit Baby and Messages often that come through in readings with my clients. In this post, I want to share with you some powerful ways to increase your vibrational frequency to elevate to the angelic realm of Spirit Baby. Even though we are in a physical body (right now) and having this “human experience,” everything in our universe, including us, is energy. We are a bunch of cells spun into physical matter, so this is why we see actual physical objects, including our bodies. But Spirit Baby is of a higher vibrational frequency, so it can be more challenging to connect with this angelic realm due to levels of energy frequencies. Great news, I KNOW we have tools (Mother Gaia is so incredible) to connect, so I am going to share some with you because I love you so much, and your sparkly beautiful badass energy DESERVES LOVE LOVE LOVE … so let’s go, beautiful!


My name is Lindsay, and I am the founder of Garnet Moon, a fertility & women’s wellness specialist, psychic medium, spirit baby medium, and mentor coach. I have been treating women for fertility, hormones, life transformations, intuitive development, and channeling messages from spirit and the universe for over 10-years. I have seen a lot of beautiful transformations, and I want to share with you how you can live through your magic and connect with Spirit Baby through your infinite loving heart.


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You can use essential oils and crystals to assist you in your fertility journey and connect with Spirit Baby. At Garnet Moon, we create so much MAGIC just for YOU! Our focus is to create all-natural luxury wellness products with no hormonal disruptors, create as much MAGIC in this Universe as possible, and help align you with your unique magic to manifest what you came to experience in this lifetime.


Before I get into essential oils, I must state the following; please consult with your health provider if you receive fertility treatments, are pregnant, breastfeeding, or have a medical condition, and take medication. Your health provider should be aware of any new additions you want to add to your treatment plan. Essential oils, even though natural, can interfere with medical treatments, conditions, and medications. 


Also, essential oils in their absolute forms must be put into a carrier oil. You can learn more about carrier oils and how to mix them with essential oils before using them as a topical. At Garnet Moon, our products have integrated carrier oils, so you do not need to mix with a carrier oil when using our sprays or essential oils. Ok, now let’s get into the fun stuff! 



Did someone say sunshine?! Awe, yes, sunshine is the name of the game here when we think of Spirit Baby! Neroli is pure sunshine, made from orange blossoms; and is symbolically a message of happiness, innocence, fertility, and peace, which Spirit Baby energies are all pure joy. Neroli also ignites passions and eternal love and increases the optimism for the miracles of the infinite possibilities. A very feminine goddess oil that connects to self-confidence and inner knowing and uplifts moods to be in the vibrational frequency of pure joy!



I often call chamomile “the conception bestie.” Now how did I come to this fun name? Chamomile is calming, as many of you already know, but it also relaxes the uterus. So, when the uterus is calm, then the embryo can implant. Therefore, so many fertility doctors recommend their patients see acupuncturists because acupuncture also has a calming effect on the uterus and the entire body. The sweet floral smell of chamomile is very lovely too. Definitely one of my favorite oils, and it is safe in most treatment plans, but you should always consult with your health provider first.


White Rose:

Rose, in general, is one of my favorite oils for so many different reasons, but for one big one, it is a very high vibrational flower and is said to be “the queen flower.” I love this because it has such strong power in the feminine energy, so excellent choice for fertility and connecting with the Divine Feminine. White Rose is all of this; plus, it symbolizes purity and is very helpful with grief and emotional pain. White light connects to spirit, and Spirit Baby, also is healing and protective, so the White Rose is highly recommended for healing and protection while working through a fertility journey and life transitions.


White Rose and neroli oil are included in our Spirit Baby – Momma Manifesting Aura Spray. And chamomile (the conception bestie) is included in our femBABE Balance oil. Both products are COMING SOON! 


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The name of this stone says it all! Angelite is a great healing stone for spirit connection, the angelic realm, and Spirit Baby. Some beautiful healing properties of this stone include healing and opening the crown, third eye, and throat chakras, master healer and aura cleanser, raises consciousness, regenerating and restoring vitality, boosting immunity, soothing morning sickness, awakening the compassion and love within, and enhancing memory and the creative vibes. And one last note, it’s incredible baby blue color is so soothing & generates peace!


Rose quartz:

Rose quartz is “the mother stone.” Often, I recommend my clients place a piece of rose quartz in the baby’s room when trying to conceive, while pregnant, and once the baby arrives. Also, an excellent stone to place under your pillow at night for dreams of loving vibes. This stone helps to open the heart chakra and allows for the action of receiving love through your heart. Rose quartz is also helpful in guiding you through vulnerability and healing old traumas that may be keeping your heart guarded. A lovely stone for the Spirit Baby energy to bring the unconditional loving vibes welcoming them into your world!


Rainbow Fluorite:

The stone of “the vibrant genius”! Rainbow fluorite helps with focus, concentration, clarity, creative energies (feminine), balances energies for inner harmony, increases those intuitive juices (YES!), enhances self-confidence, and your unique MAGIC! I am in love with the beautiful light green hue this stone radiates. Great news, it opens and heals the crown and third eye chakras, so a beautiful healing stone to have in your collection, but also powerful on a fertility journey to keep your energies focused, balanced, and in alignment with your sense of your true self!






If you know someone struggling with fertility and wellness challenges, this information may be helpful to them and possibly you. I am here to help, as this is what my purpose in this journey is. I help women with trauma, transformations, wellness, and aligning with their magic, and I am a facilitator for guiding souls into the physical experience through the Spirit Baby energies. I always wish you so much love and abundance because you deserve it, as YOU ARE PURE MAGIC!


With so much love, blessing, and light,

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Written by The GM Founder:

Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., FABORM, MSOM, BS 

Know as The Women's Wellness Medium, Lindsay Goodwin, is the Founder & Clinical Director of Garnet Moon and a Fertility, Women's Health, Pregnancy, & Hormones Expert. She also is a Fellow of FABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine. Lindsay has been guiding women to their fertility, healthy hormones, wellness, spiritual health, clearing emotional trauma, and abundant mindset. She also is an Intuitive Medium, Certified Master Coach and NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, and Certified Meditation Instructor.