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Our world is becoming much more curious about spirit, the universe, energy, living through the heart, and trusting in oneself instead outside of oneself. So, it’s no surprise that Spirit Baby is becoming popular! It’s so exciting, and I love it so much that the world is finding its own MAGIC!


Hello lovely, my name is Lindsay, and I am the founder of Garnet Moon, a fertility & women’s wellness specialist, psychic medium, spirit baby medium, and mentor coach. I have been treating women for fertility, hormones, life transformations, intuitive development, and channeling messages from spirit and the universe for over 10-years. I have seen a lot of beautiful transformations, and I want to share with you how you can live through your magic and connect with Spirit Baby through your infinite loving heart.



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This maybe you … several years of TTC (trying to conceive), failed IVF, IUI, or other hormonal treatments, miscarriages, baby loss, chemical pregnancies … do I need to say more? This is so tragic, and I am so sorry. I have seen this so many times. It is so tough to go through this, especially when you want your baby in your arms. So, you look for help from your doctors, but unfortunately, they have said you have “unexplained infertility.” Not exactly what anyone wants to hear; it is sometimes easier to get an actual diagnosis than something that no one knows how to fix! I hear you, and I have helped so many women in your shoes with great success. I will tell you I do not like the word infertility, and you probably want to know why? This is because infertility is saying something is wrong with you, and guess what? There isn’t anything wrong with your beautiful goddess body! It is very rare to be sterile and unable to conceive totally. There are so many options, and maybe it is not the way you envisioned it, but your baby will find a way to incarnate into your world. One thing to always keep in mind is that a soul that is meant to be with you is meant to be your child no matter how they get to you. So, trust in your body and experience to work things out for you. This is where Spirit Baby comes in.


Spirit Baby is the realm where souls wait to incarnate into the physical experience. They send us messages in a variety of ways; they send YOU messages. I often hear my clients say they are having dreams of their baby before they conceive. Well, this is because Spirit Baby is in your energy field (aura) for several months or even years before they manifest into the physical world. Some of my clients also will just have a knowing, like they can feel their baby in their prescience before they are even pregnant. Or how about your children? Your little ones you have now who have spoken of their “new” brother or sister? The universe is so fantastic, and I promise you it is full of infinite miracles!


Ok, more on the communication of Spirit Baby … They send messages about what may need to be accomplished, changed, cleared, or brought into balance before they can incarnate into your world. Now the questions are, why is this necessary? The best answer I have is because we have soul contracts, and they love us so much that they will wait to start their own physical experience until we are ready in our evolving process on our own journey. I will get more into this later.


Now, let’s discuss more on the energy of Spirit Baby. I want to make one very important point before I move forward: Spirit Baby has their own agenda too. This means it is not just about you and what you want in your experience, so feeling like you are doing something wrong with guilt and shame isn’t healthy for you and very well may be what is blocking you from manifesting your baby into your experience. I know this sounds rough, but guilt and shame are fear-based, and fear causes stagnant energy and low vibration. Stagnant energy makes it very difficult to manifest all the magic in your energy “vault.” It blocks you from what you deserve! I am a doctor of Chinese medicine. In Chinese Medicine, we diagnose stagnant energy in the womb, sacral chakra, and reproductive powerhouse (my term, not Chinese Medicine) as a “cold womb.” A “cold womb” is not an optimal environment for a baby.



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Appreciate your body, trust in the miracle of its design, and YOU are pure magic!

After working many years with fertility and women’s wellness clients, I know one phrase that often gets annoying hearing is, “trust in the timing.” I know it is so hard to hear someone say this to you when you have been trying for several months or even years, and maybe you’ve suffered a loss, but the truth is you must trust in the timing. Our whole life in manifesting what we want is about trust, and yes, even babies, and this is because they too are manifestations. Therefore, I focus more on the mindset with fertility than anything else because manifesting is manifesting no matter what you want in your life. It is all in the MAGIC of you! Let me say that again … IT IS ALL IN THE MAGIC OF YOU! And there are often messages that come through from Spirit Baby, trusting in the MAGIC OF YOU.


Trust your body, as it is a miracle design, creates miracles, and KNOWS what it needs. Now I am not telling you won’t need help from a reproductive endocrinologist or medical doctor in this process, but what I am telling you is to KNOW your body creates miracles because you are a MIRACLE!


Spirit Baby wants you to know this about the incredible being you are, and the love is so deep between you and your baby that their soul will wait for you to be where you wanted to be before you began your soul journey in this lifetime, so they will wait for you to be ready. Because this journey/life you are experiencing right now is the ultimate opportunity, and I know sometimes it doesn’t feel like it. Still, I guarantee you it is the ULTIMATE OPPORTUNITY! There is no one to love more than yourself because loving yourself first is what makes your relationships so incredible!


Let go of what is no longer serving you, so you can make room.

What comes through often with a Spirit Baby readings is, guiding you back to the reconnection to yourself. Often in our society of stress, trauma, trained behaviors, and the continual loop of patterns that block us from our magic, we lose sight of who we indeed are.


I have often heard my fertility clients mention that they don’t even know who they are anymore since beginning their fertility and wellness journeys. Sadly, our journeys are not meant to be a bad thing; nothing is bad, and yes, I know this is hard to imagine something traumatic being a good thing for your evolving, but I said a keyword here EVOLVING. But it is normal for us in our human instincts to hang onto trauma and push it down to act like it is not affecting us. I see this often, and the reality is that most women store trauma in their sacral chakra, where the uterus and ovaries reside. This unresolved trauma creates an opportunity for us to lose a sense of who we truly are. I often think to myself about how strange the universe works sometimes, but it is not the universe but rather our perception of how the universe is guiding us that we think of it as difficult or bad. The truth is the universe is your very best friend (the universe is actually you and you are the universe) because it will never give up on you in the journey you set out to accomplish on this journey. In other words, you are just becoming more BADASS than you were before, yeah, I said it, and I’ll repeat it, GIRL YOU’RE BADASS!


SO … now back to Spirit Baby, the message is LET GO of what is no longer serving you so that new miracles can manifest. And so, your uterus is a happy home for the embryo. The uterus gets crampy and tight with stress, anger, and unresolved trauma. In another article soon I will discuss more about the healthy energy of the womb. STAYED TUNED … COMING SOON!


One last note to take away, think of it this way, if the closet in your bedroom is so full that you can’t fit any more clothes, shoes, or accessories in it, then you can’t buy more beautiful outfits, or you must get rid of some stuff. Your energy “closet, or I call it the vault,” can’t fit any more stuff. In other words, we must constantly be cleaning, clearing, and evolving to become more badass versions of ourselves, to manifesting more of what we want. I often hear my clients say their fertility and wellness journey brought them closer to their magic; it changed them in extraordinary ways they never thought were possible. You are NOT broken; YOU are a BADASS gorgeous goddess!


You are doing a great job, and I am so proud of you!

Recognize all the unique light that you are! Give yourself the freedom of loving YOU and all that you are doing, have done, and are evolving into.


It is ok for us to be PROUD of ourselves. It is not arrogant to praise your beauty and magic when vibrating from a place of self-love and the highest good for all that is. I think it is comical we are taught this is not a good thing to be fully in love with ourselves. The truth is generations after generations have been telling people this because of A. insecurity and B. for control to make people think they are not enough. Well, I will break it to you; YOU ARE ENOUGH! And if anyone ever made you feel that you were not enough, they are dead wrong because you are incredible! I love this part of the message because it is my favorite part and favorite message to deliver to you. And guess what? Your higher selves (the real you/soul) and your Spirit Baby already KNOWS this. Think of it this way; it is not about you believing someone else telling you, but rather you believing in yourself and your unique power!


You must KNOW how amazing you are and shine your light so bright. Shine it so bright that the world will need to wear sunglasses in your prescience because you are sparkly! I am serious, and you deserve it. Everyone is unique and has a special place in the universe’s evolution, and we need your contribution!




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If you know someone struggling with fertility and wellness challenges, this information may be helpful to them and possibly you. I am here to help, as this is what my purpose in this journey is. I help women with trauma, transformations, wellness, and aligning with their magic, and I am a facilitator for guiding souls into the physical experience through the Spirit Baby energies. I always wish you so much love and abundance because you deserve it, as YOU ARE PURE MAGIC!


With so much love, blessing, and light,

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Written by The GM Founder:

Lindsay Goodwin, LAc., FABORM, MSOM, BS 

Know as The Women's Wellness Medium, Lindsay Goodwin, is the Founder & Clinical Director of Garnet Moon and a Fertility, Women's Health, Pregnancy, & Hormones Expert. She also is a Fellow of FABORM: The Acupuncture & TCM Board of Reproductive Medicine. Lindsay has been guiding women to their fertility, healthy hormones, wellness, spiritual health, clearing emotional trauma, and abundant mindset. She also is an Intuitive Medium, Certified Master Coach and NLP, EFT, TIME Techniques Practitioner, Certified Hypnosis Practitioner, and Certified Meditation Instructor.